Save North Atlantic Right Whales in Massachusetts

Tell Massachussetts Regulators You Suppport Ropeless Gear Use to Help Save Right Whales

You’ve done it before and the right whales need you to do it again. The state Division of Marine Fisheries is considering the approval of an application to use ropeless gear during the state closure. This is a huge advancement in helping to save North Atlantic right whales from extinction, as ropeless gear is the only long-term solution to help save this iconic species. 


This application was submitted by experienced lobstermen who continue to work with gear manufacturers, federal regulators, and respected scientists to help bring a solution to this dire problem. In addition to pioneering ropeless gear and other alternative fishing methods, they have demonstrated a sincere commitment to protecting right whales from entanglements and other life-causing threats. 

Ropeless fishing gear is a win-win solution that reduces entanglement and lets fishermen continue to make a living. 


Tell DMF you support the use of ropeless gear in our waters.

Let’s get as much rope out of the water as we can and give the North Atlantic right whale a fighting chance.

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