Tell Federal Regulators to Include Ropeless Gear

Federal regulators at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) have proposed changes to government rules to reduce the risks to North Atlantic right whales.

Time is running out to save the right whales. NOAA’s own scientists estimate only 366 remain. We must act now to save them from extinction.

The main threat to the survival of this species is entanglement in fishing gear up and down the East coast, and recent proposed rule changes are supposed to reduce this threat. Some of these rule changes might help, but they do not do enough to save right whales from extinction. And whales are not the only ones threatened. NOAA’s proposals close more areas to fishing but fail to provide support and fast-track permitting for rope-less fishing gear, a win-win solution that reduces entanglement while fishermen continue to make a living.

Ropeless gear technology is the only long-term solution to reduce entanglements while keeping fishermen on the water. NOAA should include a fast-track permitting process to ensure ropeless is legal. Let’s get as much rope out of the water as we can and give the North Atlantic right whale a fighting chance.


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You can read the summary of the proposed modifications to the Take Reduction Plan here.

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